Fyfe has 35 years’ experience in delivering a comprehensive and unique integrated consultancy service to clients across a broad range of industry sectors. The combination of in-house measurement and design enables Fyfe to streamline the delivery of efficient outcomes for clients.

Fyfe’s services can be summarised by four main disciplines areas:

Fyfe supports these service lines with a robust project management system as well as experienced Project Managers.


Our focus on health, safety, environment, people and community citizenship has led to our active involvement in discipline orientated and industry organisations including APGA, Property Council, SACOME, Spatial Science Institute, Surveyors Board, UDIA and Women in Resources.


At Fyfe, we partner professional development with compensation packages containing comprehensive benefits such as discounts on health and fitness packages, banking, travel and entertainment.


If your skills and aspirations complement opportunities in our business, we want to hear from you.

On receiving your resume, we will determine if our openings are in line with your expectations and coordinate an interview with the appropriate division. Our recruitment process includes reference checking, a pre-employment medical, visa entitlement verification and police checks.

For more information of current positions available at Fyfe please refer to our FYFE LinkedIn

If you are interested in a career at Fyfe, please send your CV to careers@fyfe.com.au.


Fyfe Pty Ltd operates in accordance with a Corporate Management System (CMS). The CMS, accredited to ISO 9001:2008, incorporates the corporate policies, manuals and procedures that define the quality, safety and environment responsibilities undertaken by the company in providing services to its clients.

The organisation’s CMS has provisions for corporate and divisional process management. Corporate responsibilities such as Safety, Environment, Management, HR and Training are developed, monitored and reported across the corporate body. Divisional processes are tailored to the responsibilities of each division’s areas of expertise and commercial activity.

All aspects of our projects are performed in accordance with the requirement of the CMS and shall be subject to the reporting and auditing requirements established by the CMS procedures.

Fyfe has maintained accreditation to Quality Management Standard ISO 9001 since its initial certification in 1998. Fyfe is currently registered with ECCAS and accredited to ISO 9001:2008.


The OHS&W objectives of Fyfe are to achieve high standards of health, safety and rehabilitation in all its work locations and operations. It is Fyfe’s commitment that all individuals have the right to work in a manner that ensures their health and safety.

Fyfe seeks to achieve these aims by providing a safe system of work to prevent the risks and hazards that result in work related injuries and illnesses.

Fyfe has a documented system that incorporates the environmental goals and responsibilities of the company, for now and into the future. The policy and procedures define Fyfe’s environmental objectives, in accordance with the appropriate standards and legislative requirements, and commitment to ensuring that all reasonable and practicable steps are taken to protect, or restore the quality of the environment.

These commitments are substantiated by the Corporate Management System, which incorporates the OHS&W and Environmental policies, plans, procedures and programs established for the purpose of maintaining the appropriate workplace standards.

Fyfe’s Occupational Health & Safety Management System is accredited to AS/NZS 4801:2001.