Accredited Engineers

Home RPEQ List Adelaide An Nguyen (Mechanical)Gabor Ujvari (Mechanical)John Carvosso (Mechanical)Karel Meeuwissen (Mechanical)Keith Humphris (Process)Lanre Omoya (Mechanical)Mike Elliss (Mechanical)Nigel Crabb (Electrical)Olivera Mitrovic (Structural)Owen Lucas (Mechanical)Peter Kolonis (Process)S M Sumon (Mechanical)Sadeq Zaferani (Mechanical)Trevor John (Structural) Brisbane Dale Hindle (Process)Donya Mousavi (ICE)Gabor Ujvari (Mechanical)Jaron Whalley (Mechanical)Josh Robinson (Mechanical)Jovil Leoncio (Civil)Konrad Taylor (Mechanical)Mehdi Golshandoust (ICE)Mehdi Marand (ICE)Natalie Thorne […]

Staff Milestones 2023

Home 30 years Joe D’Aloia​ Survey Section Manager | Licensed Surveyor (SAEN​) 30 years “My time at Fyfe has been nothing short of an extraordinary adventure, filled with so many memorable moments. Over the course of nine years in the Cooper Basin, I encountered new challenges and experiences. I’ve had the exhilarating opportunity to navigate […]