Community engagement and consultation services at Fyfe

When carried out well, community engagement can improve social, economic, and environmental outcomes. It can also build trust and increase the level of confidence in existing community-developer relationships.

Fyfe is passionate about working with communities in a way that ensures positive outcomes for our clients and for the people affected by developments or changes to systems that govern how cities and communities are built, managed, and transformed.

One way we do this is by paying close attention to how we engage with communities, from initial outreach through to the finer details of a project or program of work. 

Well thought-out engagement empowers communities and developers

Communities are the backbone of Australia. From remote regions to busy state capitals, people inform and power the work we do on behalf of our clients.

Community consultation allows people to have their say about a project, to let us know how it might affect them, be it positively or negatively, and for us to feed this information back to our clients. It’s empowering on both ends.

On the client side, engaging effectively means foresight into any potential issues or roadblocks. It also means avoiding significant project delays, unnecessary cost and unfavourable media coverage.

For communities, it helps people feel heard and gives our clients a chance to explain how a development or project can be of benefit in the long term, be it new civil infrastructure or changes to an existing system.

Our community consultation offering

Skyy Anderson is an experienced Town Planner who also holds an IAP2A Certificate in Engagement. She’s qualified to design, facilitate, and implement community consultation and engagement programs.

Skyy is passionate about planning and creating great outcomes for communities so that they can enjoy the spaces they live and work in. Skyy notes that “designing engagement programs goes hand in hand with town planning, and there is a range of approaches to ensure the best outcomes for the community and the client.”

For more information on our community consultation services or to engage Skyy for your next project, please contact us.