Fyfe is pleased to announce that November 8 marks 1,000 days without a lost-time injury (LTI).

The health and safety of our staff, many of whom frequently work in industrial zones and around potential contaminants, is of critical importance to us. We recognise that certain elements of our work expose staff to heightened risk, and we take every step to mitigate and manage this.

Passing 1,000 days without an LTI is testament to our stringent standards, and to our whole team’s dedicated approach to health and safety.

An LTI is an injury sustained by a staff member that results in time off work. One of the many health and safety metrics we track, LTIs help us monitor Fyfe’s overall safety performance, both in our offices and on job sites.

Our 1,000-day milestone is company wide and covers our operations in all states.

Fyfe’s safety management system helps us identify and manage potential hazards and risks. It meets and exceeds Australian workplace health and safety legislation because the safety of our people, the community and the environment is our top priority.

Fyfe Managing Director, Gary Spence said “We put safety first, always. Everyone’s hard work and commitment to safety means we can celebrate 1,000 days without an LTI as a team.”

We maintain a culture of safety at Fyfe through:

  • Committing to a top-down approach to safety standards
  • Ongoing communication of our standards to staff members
  • Engaging and consulting with staff members
  • Ongoing health and safety training
  • Tracking and reviewing our health and safety KPIs
  • Continuously reviewing our standards

While 1,000 days without an LTI is a significant milestone, it doesn’t mean we can become complacent. We know that safety is paramount to our operations and that our status could change; Fyfe continuously seeks ways to improve as we continue our safety journey.

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