Fyfe’s Director and General Manager - Energy and Resources, Andrew Warner, is an experienced project manager and process engineer with 20 years of experience.

As the leader of Fyfe’s energy and resources division, Andrew has built a culture of delivery and quality within his team, and applies creative thinking to provide out-of-the-box solutions for Fyfe’s clients.

Prior to being appointed Director and General Manager, Andrew was a Process Engineer and Project Manager, working on many projects for oil and gas pipelines and oil facilities, including various gas developments in the Cooper Basin.

Andrew also has significant experience in manufacturing, civil and dredging industries during his time with Woodbridge Group and Hall Contracting.

Andrew’s areas of expertise include:

  • Project Management including Scheduling as well as Cost and Progress Reporting
  • Concept development and Front End Engineering Design; and
  • Design and co-ordination of projects from start to construction including procurement of materials, co-ordination of contractors (both internal and external).