Fyfe uses high precision survey and 3D laser scanning equipment to deliver fast, comprehensive capture reducing time on site and delivering better project outcomes. Remote, non-contact measurement improves safety enabling survey outside hazardous or inaccessible areas.

Utilising Dimensional Control methodologies, Fyfe delivers clash free designs and enables accurate offsite prefabrication that is able to be taken to site and installed with minimal site work and significant reduction of scheduled outages.

Combining field laser scanning with our in-house capabilities in 3D modelling, design drafting, multi-discipline engineering and planning, Fyfe offer an end to end survey and design service for your project.

Fyfe provides professional aerial mapping, survey, 4k cinematic video and inspection services throughout Australia utilising our cutting-edge drone technology.

Fyfe creates high resolution geo-referenced aerial maps in 3D with the addition of their range of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). The highly accurate data produced can be utilised in many applications within numerous industry sectors. Fyfe’s pilots are also surveyors who can validate the accuracy of our mapping deliverables.

Applications of this technology are endless, some relevant applications include:

  • Remote inspection of flood damaged assets (pipelines etc)
  • Remote access and terrain inspections for wells, pipelines and other linear infrastructure – allows inspection without putting feet on the ground
  • Existing plant overlays – combined with laser scanning, this can provide a powerful tool for brownfield plant modifications or relocation
  • Pipeline and other linear infrastructure surveys
  • Monitoring of project progression