Flood level surveys for councils in New South Wales

How we’re helping local councils prepare for flood events

Several towns in New South Wales’ Hunter region were cut off in July 2022 when significant flooding saw several main roads and the New England Highway, which connects regional centres, submerged.

It was the area’s fourth flood in a year and a half, with flooding triggering over 100 evacuation orders.

Flooding in NSW costs the Australian economy around $250 million annually, with costs likely to rise in line with the increased adverse weather events associated with climate change.

Local councils are responding to the floods

Fyfe has been supporting the Muswellbrook Shire Council and Singleton Council in the Hunter region by providing flood level surveys.

Flood level surveys determine the potential heights and extent of flooding in a particular area. These surveys help experts understand how high floodwaters can rise, and which areas are at risk during heavy rainfall or river overflow.

Using specialised equipment such as Robotic Total Station, which combines precise measurement capabilities with robotic automation, and traditional survey methods, our experts measured and recorded the elevations of various points, such as riverbanks, bridges, or buildings, in relation to a datum reference point.

They also collected data on historical flood events and analysed the area’s topographical features to create detailed flood maps or models.

These flood maps provide the region’s local councils with valuable information they can use for urban planning, infrastructure development, or as needed, emergency response management.

Robust data means better flood response

Understanding potential flood levels is essential because armed with this information, councils and communities can take necessary precautions, implement flood control measures, and ensure the safety of residents in flood-prone areas.

Fyfe has offices and boots on the ground in regional centres Australia-wide. With our expert team of surveyors, UAV pilots and project managers, we also have the experience and equipment needed to conduct flood level surveys over large and remote areas.


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The benefits of innovative design

A general market shortage of engineering services can mean clients stick with a familiar provider, even if they’re not delivering value.

For engineering consultancies, relying on staid design solutions is a risky strategy though.

Today’s fluctuating construction costs and longer lead times for products and materials are making it very clear which consultancies are moving with the times and stepping out of their comfort zones, and which are not.

As engineers, we should rise to the challenges and aim to innovate and create solutions that not only deliver value to clients, but also encourage greater innovation across the field as a whole. 

Value management is an opportunity for safety management

Safety and value can and should be viewed as interrelated concerns. For example, by reducing the need for large excavations to facilitate the installation of an over-engineered solution, we can help mitigate the safety hazards associated with these activities.

Safety in Design (SiD) reporting should form a key part of any civil engineering design service. All design solutions should be safe to construct, and any residual risks must be clearly communicated.

Expert third-party peer reviews can help identify any safety risks missed in-house.

Our work in civil engineering

Fyfe has civil engineering teams working in several states. Our most recent team is now fully established in Melbourne, delivering value on a range of projects for clients and providing in-depth peer reviews to developers, builders and other engineering consultancies.

The Melbourne Civil team has been formed by a select core of former colleagues, with a proven track record of delivering safe, value-managed and compliant designs across the country and internationally.

Our other teams can be found hard at work in the Northern Territory and South Australia.

Fyfe’s Melbourne team is committed to upholding our core principles for engineering design:

  • We keep ahead of the curve
  • We employ the latest software, construction materials, and proprietary products
  • We operate nationally and are active members of the project design team
  • We challenge lazy design wherever we see it
  • We believe true value exists outside of the comfort zone


If you need assistance with any civil engineering project, or you need a robust technical peer review service, please contact us today.