Fyfe is a collaborative workplace that embraces teamwork, encourages strong leaders, and inspires employees to reach their professional goals.

Our people are the cornerstone of Fyfe’s success, and our culture enables our employees to thrive in a supportive, respectful, and engaging workplace with opportunities for growth and career development.

Fyfe employees feel connected, valued, and have a sense of belonging. Our connected culture keeps our employees engaged in their work and with each other, across our 14 offices.

With the help of our employees, our culture has developed over 40 years and continues to evolve as the business grows and thrives. 

Work together, play together

Healthy Work/Life Balance

We love to maintain a healthy work life balance and our people are proud to don the Fyfe kit while cycling, golfing, running a marathon or playing touch football. You will often see our people raising funds for charity, supported by Fyfe. 

Friendly Competition

It’s no secret that we love some friendly competition, and this is particularly evident in the Adelaide office with Friday afterwork table tennis extravaganza matches!

Monthly Team Events

Each Fyfe social committee organises regular team catch up events such as monthly drinks, games, sporting and cultural events, and the all-popular trivia nights.

What our people say about the culture at Fyfe

Jayden Smith

Graduate Electrical and Instrumentation Engineer

How long have you been at Fyfe?

I have been working at Fyfe as a Graduate Electrical and Instrumentation Engineer after finishing my Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor Science at QUT.

What do you love about what you do?

I am learning something new every day and constantly picking up new skills or technical knowledge about my field and I like that there is still so much more to learn. Usually, I am designing electrical drawing, writing function test procedures and working with my supervisor to further develop my skills and confidence in electrical design. These skills help me tackle the bigger and more confusing tasks that can arise. In my day-to-day role, I am typically gathering the right information for a job and determining the best approach for the client.

Each day I learn a little bit more about the systems I work with, little details I didn’t realise before suddenly become clearer. It’s amazing to see how all the electrical components connect and how power is distributed across systems. I always feel a small sense of achievement every time a project is finished.

How would you describe culture at Fyfe?

Fyfe is an exciting and comfortable workplace to come to everyday. The friendliness of co-workers makes for a welcoming environment. Help is readily available, and you are never on your own in solving a problem. Fyfe offers plenty of opportunities to advance in your career and is committed to helping you achieve success in your professional endeavours. At this early stage in my career, I am hoping to continue developing my skills in electrical engineering and becoming a registered and chartered engineer at Fyfe.

Fyfe’s culture is very social, bringing the team together whilst maintaining professionalism in the quality of our work. I have been able to organise game nights where we stick around the office and play board and card games which the organisation has been supportive of by providing pizza and encouraging people to join in and socialise.

Nathan Radley

Electrical Engineer

My role at Fyfe allows me to prepare and draft electrical drawings, calculations, risk assessments, work packs, and site instructions for new and existing energy and resource installations/projects.

I began my journey at the University of Adelaide, completing a Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and a Bachelor of Computer and Mathematical Science. When I came to Fyfe, they paired me with a buddy, provided lunch and learn sessions, social events and actively encouraged me to pursue engineering chartership. The process of becoming chartered can take a while, but it is a great way to validate your skills as an engineer. Fyfe has supported my pursuit of chartership engineering, through lunch and learn sessions from Engineers Australia and assisting me to attain certain engineering skills and knowledge.

I love getting involved in social events as well. For example, escape rooms, office table tennis competitions, BBQ's, Friday drinks, volleyball and young pipeliner association events.

One of my highest achievements working for Fyfe to this date is The Cooper Basin (CB) Grand Tour. I flew up to the CB and scoped out several locations for water flow meters. Starting in Moomba, I went down to Big Lake, across to Strzelecki, Gidgealpa, and up as far as Charo oil fields. This experience allowed me to travel to different sites and talk to operators about what we were planning to do and see that our plans fitted with the pipework operation of the facility. It was a great experience to see the things we design, operating in the real world.

At Fyfe, everyone is warm and approachable, happy to answer my endless supply of questions. I love working at Fyfe as the work atmosphere is incredible and provides me with further learning opportunities.

Lily Habel

Undergraduate Civil Engineer

I began my career at Fyfe as an Undergraduate Civil Engineer.

Currently, I am studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil and Structural) (Honours) with a Bachelor of Finance at The University of Adelaide. I have two more years of full-time study left.

As an undergraduate civil engineer at Fyfe, my role is to assist the project managers with an array of tasks such as undertaking tender assessments and opinion of probable costs, writing design reports and stormwater management reports, undertaking HEC-RAS flood modelling and CAD tasks and attending site meetings.

Maths and science were always my favorite subjects at school, so I think that is what attracted me to Civil Engineering. In Year 10, I completed work experience at an engineering firm where I spent time with an engineer who worked in the mechanical, chemical, electrical, and civil fields. It was a great experience that introduced me to the world of engineering. Civil engineering stood out to me because it finds solutions for everyday problems and makes society a more convenient and comfortable environment for everyone.

I have found Fyfe to have a culture rich in diversity where the organisation champions all their employees to work to the best of their abilities.

At the beginning of 2021, I decided to defer my university studies for six months to have a break and gain some work experience.  I didn’t expect to get a full-time job during this time, but the knowledge and skills that I have gained over my time at Fyfe have been second-to-none. When I resume my full-time studies again, I will begin working for Fyfe part time, which will be an exciting new challenge to balance full-time study and professional work before.

My favorite thing about Fyfe is the people. Since my very first day, the team accepted me with open arms. It has never been too difficult for someone to take the time to explain something to me. I find it an inspiring workplace because of how professional and intelligent everyone is but also how supportive and friendly they are.

Fyfe has been incredibly supportive and flexible, giving me a scholarship and allowing me to work full-time at Fyfe during my university holiday. I have also been offered a permanent position after university, which motivates me to learn as much as I can and finish my degree, so that I can get working!

Zachary Kwok

Mechanical Engineer

I started my journey at Fyfe three years ago as a Graduate, right after completing my Bachelor of Engineering (Hon) (Mechanical and Aerospace) and a Bachelor of Computer Science. Since then, Fyfe has provided me with opportunities to build up my technical skills set and progress in my career to my role as a Mechanical Engineer.

My managers provide continuous support allowing me to gain confidence in my work, striking the right balance between giving advice and allowing me independence to explore technical solutions, solve problems and make sound engineering design decisions.

I love being able to work in a multidisciplinary team, which helped me gain an appreciation of work undertaken by others across the business. The collaborative nature of our work helps me in forming complete solutions for our clients and to visual the end goal. The company provides staff with great opportunities to learn about how the different areas of the organisation are able to work together to deliver our projects.

The culture at Fyfe is inclusive, collaborative, respectful, and supportive. The Adelaide office often plans social events such as quiz nights, social sports, picnics and more. I encourage anyone interested in working at Fyfe to apply today - The sky is your limit at Fyfe!