From master planning to structure planning and policy planning, Fyfe offers a diverse range of planning services to its clients.

Areas of specialisation

  • Development concepts and yield analysis

    We have extensive experience in preparing concept designs, including precinct and land division plans which assist in determining potential yield and development feasibility.

    Our plans are commercially pragmatic and implementable and produced following research in planning, infrastructure and environmental considerations.

    urban development project
  • Statutory and land use planning - development applications

    We work with our clients to determine their desired outcome and the appropriate application format and strategy to meet their needs.

    We understand that every site is different and each location unique. We aim to achieve the best possible outcome, ensuring that we deliver the agreed documentation on time and within budget.

    We have extensive experience in a wide range of land use planning, including major developments, mixed-use infill developments, residential, industrial, commercial and regional.

    Our statutory and land use planning – development applications services include:

    • Managing the application process, (including third-party practitioners such as architects and engineers)
    • Facilitating pre-lodgement services including preliminary meetings with relevant authorities (Council and State Commission Assessment Panel (SCAP)) as well as referral agencies (Environment Protection Authority, Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure- DPTI, Department of Environment and Water – DEW etc)
    • Lodging applications and co-ordinating fee payment as required
    • Providing regular updates to our clients and maintaining regular dialogue with the relevant authorities
    • Assisting clients in responding to concerns raised during public notification
    • Assisting clients in lodging representations for applications currently undertaking public notification
    • Representing clients at Council Assessment Panel and SCAP meetings; and
    • Post-approval reviewing of conditions to ensure the right outcomes are met.
    Cleared land for town development project
  • Urban design

    Our approach to urban design seeks to combine the most desirable aesthetic elements, human qualities and community aspirations with the commercial realities of market acceptance and project viability and delivery.

    Our design team has extensive experience in urban in-fill development, as well as large scale community planning.

    This includes master planning and structure planning for whole towns and new suburbs, residential subdivisions through to site specific designs for retail centres and shopping precincts, mixed use projects, aged care developments, educational institutions, public realm/streetscapes and infill sites.

    Our urban design services include:

    • Subdivision plans for residential, industrial and commercial estates
    • Strategic design advice
    • Urban design guidelines for precincts or sites
    • Site concepts for centres, mixed use developments, education establishments, housing projects etc.
    • Placemaking
    • Master planning for precincts and places
    • Structure planning for new communities; and
    • Architectural/design briefs.
    Overhead view of planned urban development
  • Master planning

    We have significant experience in the master planning of new communities throughout Australia.

    This includes large estates on the urban fringe, in-fill or redevelopment sites within urban areas, entire new towns or communities, extensions to regional cities, employment lands, industrial precincts, tourism precincts, open space and recreation areas and main streets.

    Our master planning services include:

    • Management of a team of specialists
    • Site analysis investigations
    • Infrastructure investigations
    • Community services needs analysis
    • Recreation and open space investigations
    • Environmental assessments
    • Government and council liaison and negotiation
    • Stakeholder consultation
    • Urban design/master plan charettes
    • Governance; and
    • Preparation of concepts for key precincts.
    Overhead street view example of master planning service
  • Structure planning

    We have produced numerous structure plans for residential and mixed-use locations. Our diverse team is capable of providing inputs critical for the preparation of a workable master plan, with our project leaders experienced in managing large consulting teams.

    Our structure planning services include:

    • Urban design
    • Policy formulation
    • Stakeholder consultation; and
    • Governance and implementation.
    Planned structure Plant 4 Bowden
  • Social infrastructure assessment

    Within our planning team, we have qualified and experienced town planners who have delivered social infrastructure assessments for government agencies, private developers and human service providers in both South Australia and the Northern Territory.

    Our social infrastructure work often integrates with the preparation of land use plans, structure plans, or informs investment decisions of key stakeholders.

    Social infrastructure development in park
  • Open Space and Recreation Planning

    Fyfe’s experienced town planners have delivered open space and recreation assessments and master plans for both the government and private sector in South Australia and the Northern Territory.

    We also develop specific open space strategies for local government authorities.

    Playground swings part of urban planning service
  • Policy Planning

    Our town planning team has well-proven research, investigation, concept planning, stakeholder mapping and engagement skills. Collectively, this contributes to policy solutions which are robust and achieve the strategic aims of the project.

    Our policy team has extensive experience in all aspects of strategic and policy planning, having advised both State and Local Government in both South Australia and the Northern Territory.

    urban space in town plan
Birds eye view of planned urban park development