At Fyfe, we work together with purpose. Our friendly, professional, social and supportive culture are just some of the reasons why our people work at Fyfe and return to Fyfe. Our inclusive management style spans all of our offices and we aim to provide challenging and rewarding careers where learning and growth are nurtured. 

Diversity and Inclusion

At Fyfe we foster a culture that encourages and supports diversity and inclusion. We recognise and appreciate the unique backgrounds and attributes of each Fyfe employee and believe that this diversity strengthens our business and how we service our clients.


As a people-focused organisation, community is at the core of everything we do. With 14 offices across Australia, Fyfe is actively involved in celebrating the many communities that we are a part of. We support our communities through fundraising, volunteering, sponsorship opportunities and local community participation.

Our Values

Our Values are our guiding principles and standards of behaviour to help us achieve our goals.


We encourage different opinions and the development of strong relationships based on mutual trust and understanding.


We value honesty, responsibility and professionalism. We do what we say we will do.


We empower our staff to deliver on their commitments and strive to exceed expectations in delivering value to our clients & colleagues.


We drive delivery and provide high quality, timely advice to our clients.


We are engaged in what we do and take pride in the quality of work we deliver.

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What our people say about the culture at Fyfe

Donya Mousavi

Senior Electrical and Instrumentation Engineer

I started at Fyfe in 2020 after moving to Australia from Iran. Previously I was working as an Instrumental and Control Engineer for eight years.

Fyfe made starting my first job in Australia an easy transition. I have been so impressed by the friendly and welcoming atmosphere at Fyfe and I also found the people in Australia to be so nice, which helps me when I am missing my family in Iran.

My role here has given me the opportunity to work with top tier clients but one of my highlights at Fyfe so far has to have been participating in a basic design project for Central Petroleum and then winning the detailed design from the project. It is great to feel trusted and valued by my team leader and manager to be able to be work on such interesting and valuable client projects.

While I have a variety of experience from working in the energy and resources sector in Australia and Iran, there is still always more to learn and working in a highly experienced and knowledgeable team allows me to enhance my knowledge and skills every day.

Fyfe provides their employees with a friendly work environment and fun work culture. Earlier this year, some colleagues and I took part in Fyfe’s run club and trained together for the Brisbane Marathon.

If you are looking for a positive working environment and opportunities for career development, Fyfe is the right place!

Kara Borthwick

GIS Analyst

I am employed as a GIS Analyst at Fyfe, however, I also work closely with the environmental team to develop management plans and other key deliverables. My role allows me to gain a wide variety of experience at the company, becoming proficient in the analysis and manipulation of spatial data, design of detailed gas gathering networks in consultation with engineers and corporate clients, design of high-quality digital maps and assessment of environmental constraints and environmental legislation. Prior to my position at Fyfe I worked as a Student Hydrologist at OD Hydrology for the final two years of my undergraduate study.

I initially started at Fyfe in a purely GIS-orientated role, however, I expressed to my manager/s my desire to gain more experience within the environmental space. Consequently, I was encouraged to support the environmental aspects of upcoming work and have since played a key role in producing various environmental deliverables.

One of my current favourite tasks in a project is conducting an environmental constraints analysis on the detailed design, as this lets me combine both GIS skills and environmental knowledge. The constraints analysis serves to identify any proposed infrastructure that impacts on particular environmental areas/values and thus is very important to consider for the final gathering design.

In terms of diversity, Fyfe provides equal opportunities to all employees and there is a high representation of women in my office as well as many colleagues from diverse cultures and backgrounds. I have always felt supported in my role and have never been treated any differently due to my gender or background.

Muhammad Qayyum

Project Manager

Initially, I landed a role as a mechanical engineer at Fyfe. This gave me an insight to oil and gas piping engineering design and surveying.  I worked on quite a few engineering designs in my first 6 months, when eventually an opportunity arose internally for a project engineer. This for me was a turning point as I felt I really had to decide if I wanted to go down a technical or more commercial path.  

Project management was never a career I had thought about. After graduating from the University of Adelaide, I gained experience in a sales-based role, and then a quality officer role where I developed my soft skills in the engineering space. The experiences I had in these roles allowed me to develop my communication skills, stakeholder management and the ability to pitch ideas effectively. Prior to working at Fyfe, I had worked for a lot of project managers which inspired me to complete my cert 4 in project management.

Now, as a project manager I love that I get a taste of everything from project initiation to execution and closeout. As a project manager, you need to understand the bigger picture to support and drive your team to deliver successful project outcomes. I have been able to work in the Fyfe’s Energy and Resources division, delivering projects for big clients including Santos and Beach. I enjoy the challenge of managing the commercial aspects as well as liaising with internal and external stakeholders for our projects. I love talking so I find my outgoing personality greatly assists me in my role as a PM.

Fyfe has created a respectful and safe workplace for all employees. I enjoy being able to work with colleagues from different cultural backgrounds, upbringings, and viewpoints in a collaborative environment. It is a great strength of the company that despite any differences, we come together to unite and always deliver as a team. I have now been working in the project management space for nearly 2 years at Fyfe and can whole heartedly say it has been the best decision for me. 

Jayden Smith

Graduate Electrical and Instrumentation Engineer

How long have you been at Fyfe?

I have been working at Fyfe as a Graduate Electrical and Instrumentation Engineer after finishing my Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor Science at QUT.

What do you love about what you do?

I am learning something new every day and constantly picking up new skills or technical knowledge about my field and I like that there is still so much more to learn. Usually, I am designing electrical drawing, writing function test procedures and working with my supervisor to further develop my skills and confidence in electrical design. These skills help me tackle the bigger and more confusing tasks that can arise. In my day-to-day role, I am typically gathering the right information for a job and determining the best approach for the client.

Each day I learn a little bit more about the systems I work with, little details I didn’t realise before suddenly become clearer. It’s amazing to see how all the electrical components connect and how power is distributed across systems. I always feel a small sense of achievement every time a project is finished.

How would you describe culture at Fyfe?

Fyfe is an exciting and comfortable workplace to come to everyday. The friendliness of co-workers makes for a welcoming environment. Help is readily available, and you are never on your own in solving a problem. Fyfe offers plenty of opportunities to advance in your career and is committed to helping you achieve success in your professional endeavours. At this early stage in my career, I am hoping to continue developing my skills in electrical engineering and becoming a registered and chartered engineer at Fyfe.

Fyfe’s culture is very social, bringing the team together whilst maintaining professionalism in the quality of our work. I have been able to organise game nights where we stick around the office and play board and card games which the organisation has been supportive of by providing pizza and encouraging people to join in and socialise.