Hydro-cyclone separator and in-line pumping arrangement | Santos

To assist with the challenge of solids and entrained coal seam gas forming gas locks, resulting in increased back-pressure and well-sites shutting down, Santos engaged Fyfe to design a 3-phase hydro-cyclone solution.

A complete engineering and design of a relocatable Hydro-Cyclone Pump Skid (HCPS) incorporating a centrifugal pump with a hydro-cyclone and gravity separator for entrained gas and solids removal was undertaken by Fyfe. The first HCPS has been fabricated, installed, and successfully commissioned on-site at Roma with an immediate positive impact.

Fyfe’s role
  • Conduct a feasibility review and options analysis to consolidate a conceptual design.
  • Establish the detailed design scope of work and engineering deliverables.
  • Complete engineering and detailed design involving mechanical piping, civil and structural, process engineering, power supply, instrument and controls.
Fyfe design initiatives
  • The inline HCPS can be utilised in lieu of the traditional option of using a water break tank, laying a foundation for further improvement and innovation in a new approach to solving well-site operational problems due to entrained gas and solids in water gathering networks.
  • The HCPS is far more economical to build. It is relocatable, taking a very small footprint. The HCPS also provides the option to reinject the gas separated through the process back into the gas gathering system, instead of venting into the atmosphere.
  • The HCPS has been designed to enable control and shutdown locally and remotely via a local PLC and SCADA system.
  • The HCPS has been designed with a bypass line that allows the water gathering network to operate normally in case the HCPS is shutdown for any reason.