Site Contamination, Management and Remediation Services

Fyfe offers a range of environmental services including contamination assessments, due diligence advice, and soil and groundwater remediation.

The onus is on Australian property owners and businesses to know their environmental risks and manage these accordingly. Fyfe helps clients meet these obligations by:

  • Assessing potential risks associated with past or present land use
  • Classifying soils for reuse or off-site disposal
  • Ascertaining if land is safe and/or viable for the company’s intended use
  • Assisting with internal needs such as establishing contamination liability values
  • Helping with planning authority requirements for land rezoning
  • Meeting requirements set by environmental regulators following a polluting incident
  • Providing information as part of the property valuation process.


In many cases, contaminated soil or groundwater must be remediated through removal or active treatment. But in cases where it can be demonstrated that there is no unacceptable risk to human health or the environment, it may be possible to leave the contamination in situ and manage under an Environmental Management Plan (EMP).


EMPs detail site owners’ responsibilities and clearly set out how any contamination will be managed moving forward. Leaving contamination in place under strictly managed conditions is often the more affordable route, but may not always be possible. When we think this is a viable option, Fyfe lets clients know.


We also work with project proponents to minimise excavation and disposal costs. Through careful planning and mapping of contaminated soils, we can minimise the quantities that attract the highest landfill fees and support with onsite reuse options.


As landfill documentation requirements tighten, Fyfe has established an industry leading reputation for quickly and accurately sampling and analysing soils for off-site disposal. We have never had a waste consignment rejected by a landfill.


One common source of soil and groundwater contamination is from underground fuel tanks. Fyfe can expertly assess tanks for leaks, and we also provide design and monitoring services to support with risk mitigation and early leak detection.


We are available to assist with underground storage tank removals and provide the full documentation required by regulators and current and future landowners that the tanks and associated contamination has been remediated and that no further expense or remediation is needed.


Priority services are available where delays would affect project costs or completion timeframes.


We are dedicated to meeting our clients’ needs and ensuring that the unique Australian environment is protected as best as possible. As such, Fyfe both designs and manages laboratory and on-site remediation field trials and implements full scale remediation systems (in-situ and ex-situ). Fyfe is also able to investigate and monitor soil vapour and contaminant migration for our clients.


All the contamination assessment, management, and remediation services undertaken by Fyfe are meticulously recorded and fully documented. Our clients can rest assured that they have the documentation needed to meet and exceed Australian standards and regulations.


Fyfe services a diverse range of clients with contamination and remediation needs nationally. We can also assist in a broad range of other environmental services, including:

  • Erosion and sediment control plans
  • Ecological surveys and environmental offsets
  • Environmental development applications
  • Expert witness advice
  • Emergency incident response
  • Trade waste water applications
  • Construction Environment Management Plans
  • Water, groundwater or air monitoring
  • Statutory environmental audits
  • Environmental management systems.