Unparalleled precision with terrestrial laser scanning services

By capturing intricate details of landscapes and structures, cutting-edge terrestrial laser scanning technology offers accuracy down to the finest data point.

Informed decision-making means better business outcomes. When working on complex projects in demanding environments, terrestrial laser scanning can capture the built environment in a matter of minutes. 

From topographic mapping to construction surveying, Fyfe’s terrestrial laser scanning services deliver unparalleled insights, saving clients time and resources while minimising risk. 

Terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) employs advanced laser technology to meticulously capture 3D data of physical environments. The system emits rapid laser pulses, measuring the time it takes for each return to precisely map the scanned area in three dimensions.

Fyfe’s TLS hardware and software quickly construct detailed, high-resolution point clouds, mapping the topography and assets with exceptional accuracy. This non-invasive method swiftly captures complex terrains and structures.

The result is a detailed and accurate 3D point cloud, providing invaluable insights for various applications, including: 

  • Brownfield and greenfield urban planning 
  • Engineering design for the oil and gas industry
  • Civil engineering infrastructure design
  • Cultural and archaeology heritage conservation
  • Environmental and civil monitoring
  • Rail infrastructure design
  • Water infrastructure design
Discovering what’s above and below the surface

When combined with ground-penetrating radar (GPR) and a modelled point cloud in 3D, clients get a complete view of above and below the surface in one 3D AutoCAD.

Terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) harmonises seamlessly with other survey methods, such as dimensional control for flange fabrication, enhancing overall data precision and reliability.

The Fyfe team frequently combines these survey methods. We’re busy putting our TLS tools through their paces Australia-wide, delivering 3D models of gas compressor stations where terrestrial scanning (in combination with other methods) will give our clients a comprehensive understanding of the location of their assets in 3D. Fyfe surveyors working in Moomba and on the Moomba-Wilton pipeline also use TLS technology on a daily basis.

The level of detail TLS offers, delivered in an easy-to-read format, fosters more informed decision-making — an essential tool when working in complex sites that contain an abundance of information.

To find out how Fyfe’s terrestrial laser scanning services can add value to your project, please contact us.