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Finding the balance: Spatial data management and work life harmony at Fyfe

Anna-Magarita Paussa, Spatial Data Analyst

Flexibility and understanding have been vital in my professional journey. Helping with the family keeps me so busy, especially during challenging times, and means a good work-life balance must be a priority.

I am currently hard at work handling spatial data management and processing for a RAAF Defence project. A plan is vital, and it’s very important to get it right because from that point forward, the master plan and database basically guide any future developments on site.

Handling geographic data calculations isn’t my only responsibility though, I also collaborate with various Fyfe teams, major developers, and construction partners, often helping project managers to keep the project running smoothly where possible.

I studied a Bachelor of Geoinformatics & Surveying at the University of South Australia, which opened up opportunities in various fields, including GIS, environmental drafting, and more.

The beauty of Fyfe is that it doesn’t cover just one specific area, there’s a range of professions, from engineering and environmental, to planning and surveying. It’s a big incentive, that you can be in multiple fields working for one company. You can spread your expertise across teams and learn a lot.

Fyfe’s accommodating approach has given me immense relief during emergencies and stressful situations. The flexibility has reduced my stress levels significantly, and means I can manage my work, personal, and family duties more effectively.

With teams working across numerous sectors and fields, Fyfe professionals are supported in their professional growth too. Working with different Fyfe teams on varied projects means there are always opportunities for our people to upskill and expand their skill sets.

I recognise the unwavering support I received from my colleagues and supervisors. Their trust in my ability to deliver, makes me feel valued and appreciated, this trust and recognition were instrumental in my journey at Fyfe.