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From India to Australia: A journey of career growth and success at Fyfe

Anupama Unnikrishnan, Graduate Process Engineer

After finishing my Engineering Bachelors in India, I moved to Australia in 2018 to study at Monash University. After wrapping up my Masters, I dove headfirst into the professional world, starting as a graduate engineer in Perth.

I enjoyed this work, but my heart was set on design and process engineering. I had been keeping tabs on Fyfe’s impressive work via LinkedIn for a while. Their accomplishments in the field and their graduate program had always interested me so I decided to go for it and applied for a role. Lucky for me, I got the job and made the move to Adelaide.

Fast forward to today, I’ve been part of Fyfe for over a year now and no two days are alike. The variety of projects keeps things fresh, and I’m constantly adding new skills to my toolkit. Working with some large clients has been a game-changer, offering a chance to network and learn from some of the industry’s big players. Fyfe is all about helping you grow. They organise workshops, and webinars, and they’re all ears if you’re interested in getting certified in specific areas.
It’s not just about the job. Settling into my role and getting used to life in Australia, I had a strong support system at Fyfe. The team and management have been great at making sure I’m comfortable and set up for success, and there’s such a vibrant mix of colleagues and energetic work culture here. We even have regular team dinners and coffee catchups to celebrate birthdays and wins.

From India to Australia, and from student to Fyfe team member, the journey has been an exciting one. Mixing studies with real-world experience at Fyfe has been a perfect combination. It’s reinforced my belief that career growth thrives in an environment that promotes learning, innovation, and a friendly atmosphere.