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Taking the leap: My exciting move to establish Fyfe’s civil presence in Darwin

Mark Warwick, Civil Section Manager NT

We'd always liked the idea of a move, whether interstate or even overseas. When my manager told me that Fyfe's Darwin office was looking to expand their engineering services in the NT, my partner and I saw it as an exciting opportunity and decided to take the leap.

Since our move to the NT, we’ve secured some impressive wins, like a major highway upgrade in Alice Springs. This was an exciting pivot from my work in Adelaide, where I was focused on land development. The move has given me more opportunities to expand the scope of my work, in Adelaide I mainly worked with private firms, but now I’ve delved into the transport realm and government work, and really enjoyed the chance to learn and collaborate with fresh clients.

Transitioning to the NT did come with its share of challenges. The territory operates on the pillars of local support, reputation, and relationships – breaking into this tight-knit market wasn’t a walk in the park. Thankfully, the stellar reputation of our NT team paved the way and opened doors for me.

Fyfe provided solid support both professionally and personally as we mapped out this transition. They set me up with meetings and chats with key players in the NT well ahead of our move. On the personal front, their advice and assistance in planning the big shift were invaluable. I settled into the NT team pretty seamlessly. They are so welcoming, and their warmth makes anyone new feel right at home.

Post-move, Fyfe hasn’t missed a beat in backing my career growth. They’ve not only encouraged, but actively supported my attendance at various industry events, pushing me to expand my professional network in the NT. This move has been all about embracing fresh challenges, acquiring new skills, and diving into exciting collaborations with a diverse range of clients – and it’s all thanks to Fyfe.