Staff Milestones 2023

30 years

Joe D’Aloia​

Survey Section Manager | Licensed Surveyor (SAEN​)

30 years

“My time at Fyfe has been nothing short of an extraordinary adventure, filled with so many memorable moments. Over the course of nine years in the Cooper Basin, I encountered new challenges and experiences. I've had the exhilarating opportunity to navigate rugged terrain, where encounters with snakes became a frequent part of the job. I've witnessed the power of teamwork firsthand, being rescued during precarious situations that tested our mettle. I've also braved the elements, driving through creeks with water levels rising over the bonnet of our vehicles, demonstrating the resilience and determination that define the spirit of our work at Fyfe.”

See video of Joe's milestone morning tea

John Belton​

Project Manager (SAPD)

30 years

“Thinking back on the last 30 years, playing Father Christmas at the end of year Kris Kringle was always enjoyable, but honestly, there's been so many rewarding moments that trying to pick out highlights feels nearly impossible! There’s one thing I can say for sure: I've made some of the strongest friendships that I know will last me for a lifetime. From sharing the drive to and from work & open and honest chats over a cup of coffee to supporting each other through the busiest times of the year, these friendships have been the backbone of my journey at Fyfe and have made my time most enjoyable.”

15 years

Adrian Gallagher​

NT Manager (NTLD)

15 years

“Having initially met with Mark Dayman in 2008, I joined the very small NT business that was 5 people strong know as Fyfe JMA. From that time on the business grew, with a major milestone being the winning of survey work at the Inpex site in 2012, which at the time was one of the worlds largest projects. Personally, I was on this project from March 2012 through to late 2017, at which point I became the NT manager. 2018 was a very difficult year for the business but the highlight for me was working with Mark D, Joel, and Chris, to bring the business out of this crisis point to be where we are today - a growing business.”

10 years

Marc Andrews

National Environment Manager (ENVR)

10 years

"What I have enjoyed most across my 10 years at Fyfe has been the team approach/focus within the Environment Group and the friendships developed over the years with both staff and clients. One project that stands out was working for the SA EPA on their largest contaminated land project, which defined the way they assess risks to the general public from “orphan” sites for a specific suit of chemicals."

Leone Smith

Drafting Manager - NT (NTLD)

10 years

“My highlight of working at FYFE is the variety of jobs I get to do which keeps the days interesting. The flexibility of my work place when other things in life need more attention – like children! And of course working with a great bunch of people is essential to sticking with the same employer long term.”

John Carvosso

Principal Engineer (SAEN)

10 years

"I have many project highlights to reflect on. But, having stayed here for 10 years, more than double the time elsewhere in nearly 50 years, is testimony to the colleagues and opportunities I have enjoyed here. We may not be a very large outfit but, like the Beatles, a great little band!"

Glenn Thiele

Environmental Manager | Victoria (ENVR)

10 years

"I greatly appreciated being a part of Fyfe’s first ever Victorian presence and witnessing the growth from a one room office, to a humming and diverse team of civil engineers and designers, environmental consultants, surveyors, structural and process engineers, and support staff in the heart of Melbourne."

Sarah Reachill

Principal Environmental Scientist (ENVR)

10 years

Sarah Reachill is on leave at the time of publication. Her direct manager, Marc Andrews, has provided this quote:

"Congratulations to Sarah who has worked with Fyfe for 10 years, including in a casual capacity in recent years. She brings with her a commitment to excellence and a passion for the environmental sector. Her contributions have been an integral part of our success, and we look forward to working on many future projects together."

Reza Assadi

Project Engineer (SAEN)

10 years

Reza Assadi is on leave at the time of publication. His direct manager, Andrew Warner, has provided this quote:

"Reza is a valued team member and his dedication and contributions have played a significant role in our success. Here’s to a decade of excellence, and we look forward to more years of collaboration and achievement together."