Decarbonising cement: Green Cement Transformation project, SA

Our engineering and geospatial services are helping the Hallett Group take significant steps towards decarbonising cement in Australia.

Australia currently uses around 12 million tonnes of cementitious products each year, with around half of this volume imported.  

The Hallett Group’s Green Cement Transformation project will see the company creating dedicated facilities to manufacture and distribute materials that can replace more than 50% of clinker cement in a mix. Traditional clinker cement has high CO2 emissions, contributing up to 3 billion tonnes of CO2 each year into the atmosphere. 

The Green Cement facility will also make use of legacy fly ash waste from the former power station, an industrial by-product of mineral processing from the Port Pirie smelter, further reducing environmental footprints in the Upper Spencer Gulf. 

Fyfe’s role and responsibilities

Fyfe is assisting the Hallett Group by providing survey, civil and structural engineering design services and more recently, our team is working with Hallett in the process engineering space.  

Our team has provided the following multidiscipline services to the project: 

  • Site survey including boundaries and bulk civil works 
  • Earthworks planning
  • Structure and footing design
  • Stormwater drainage system design
  • Roads and pavement design
  • Construction sequencing, and   
  • Equipment selection and process engineering.
Our approach

Given the various structures, infrastructure complexities, and the area in which the facilities would be constructed, we also wanted to enhance the traditional 3D designs we were contracted to provide.  

Using 3D modelling software and the geospatial data and services information our survey teams collected, we supplemented our civil and structural engineering designs with additional 3D visualisations. 

These animated 3D visualisations represent the physical site in helping clients and teams grasp the project’s look and feel early on, reducing potential issues later.  

Our 3D models can be updated and adjusted in real-time, showing real time changes. This accelerates the design process, saving time and costs. 

Delivering designs with an additional 3D animated format also means developers can readily show less technically minded stakeholders, helping to accelerate the planning and approvals process.

Delivering value in civil and engineering design 

The Green Cement Transformation project is now in early construction phase. Fyfe is pleased to be part of a project that could see Australia’s overall carbon emissions cut by as much as 300,000 tonnes annually.  

To discuss how our approach to civil and engineering design can add value to your project, or to enquire about 3D modelling animations, please contact us