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The value of specialised engineering commissioning in the mining sector

Working with commissioning experts means solving problems quickly by leveraging their knowledge and expertise with mineral processing facilities. ​

Systems and processes are of paramount importance in the critical minerals mining industry. They ensure the efficient and safe operation of equipment, which is crucial for productivity, cost-effectiveness, and worker safety.

Fyfe specialises in commissioning engineering services tailored to the mining sector. Our team of seasoned engineers make sure all stages of commissioning, from construction completions, to hot or wet commissioning and performance testing, are completed to clients’ operational requirements.

A deep understanding of the commissioning sequence and experience working with a variety of Completions Management System (CMS) tools means the team can identify and solve all commissioning and operational matters safely and quickly.

Our commissioning process in the mining sector

The commissioning process involves cohesively applying engineering methodologies and protocols, making sure that sub-systems and systems operate efficiently and safely while adhering to design specifications.

Supporting the construction team to move from an ‘area-based’ construction focus to a ‘system-based’ commissioning sequence by system prioritisation is of paramount importance to ensuring the success of projects.

While we tailor our approach to each client’s needs, a typical commissioning process involves a few distinct stages:

Stage 1. Construction completions

The process starts with construction-led completion activities which encompass the validation of individual functionalities at the instrument or equipment level. After these Stage 1 activities, sub-systems are ready to be energised and pre-commissioning activities can proceed.

Stage 2. Pre-commissioning

Pre-commissioning involves ensuring sub-system functionality from a control and protection perspective before introducing an actual product to the system. When several sub-systems have completed pre-commissioning, wet or hot commissioning can take place.

Stage 3. Wet or hot commissioning

At this stage, a product (or inert media) is introduced to demonstrate that the system meets the required functionality.

Stage 4. Performance testing

Finally a group of systems, depending on the size and nature of the project, is functionally tested to demonstrate that the project’s design intent of the project has been met.

Experience equals value

We’ve worked for blue-chip clients on a diverse mix of projects from simple pipelines and debottlenecking projects to complex hydrometallurgical and pyrometallurgical processes.

Our specialists also have experience undertaking FEED-related commissioning studies for LNG facilities and drafting commissioning plans for major raw gas export lines and gas compression facilities. Fyfe’s engineering commissioning services for the mining industry are available Australia-wide.

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