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Flexibility and adaptability are key components of success in engineering project risk mitigation

Fyfe demonstrates this by delivering value through technical solutions, showcasing how the ability to adapt to unique challenges is pivotal in engineering risk mitigation.

Recently, Fyfe experts collaborated with our client and related regulatory organisations to assess, select, and define a firefighting solution that is both suitable to meet the safety obligations, and aligned with the client’s distinct operational philosophy.

While Fyfe is renowned for its work in process engineering, our experts excel in delivering value across various projects, including non-process infrastructure projects. We specialise in designing innovative engineering solutions tailored to our clients’ requirements. In this particular project, our solution comprised a fit-for-purpose and compliant fire detection and suppression system.


Our client expanded their site infrastructure, typical of many mining operations in Australia. This particular site is classified as a major hazardous facility. Any addition to such facilities triggers regulatory obligations, specifically necessitating a safety case update.

Safety cases serve as tools defining on-site hazards and their management, subject to scrutiny by regulatory bodies upon any updates.

Initially, due to changes in facility conditions and following advice from regulators regarding the necessity for a revision of their firefighting philosophy, our client engaged an independent engineering service provider to design an appropriate solution. However, the proposed solution, while technically sound, proved excessively complex for our client’s needs. Consequently, our client initiated a competitive tender process to select an alternate engineering service provider, which Fyfe successfully secured.

Our Approach

Our initial challenge involved comprehending and addressing the regulatory framework governing major hazardous facilities in Australia. This understanding enabled us to devise an efficient solution in line with the framework’s stringent requirements.

Fyfe adopted a systematic methodology for this project, conducting a comprehensive analysis of various technical solutions before selecting the most suitable option for further development.

To navigate the intricate regulatory landscape and deliver a robust technical solution within a tight timeframe, we collaborated with specialist subcontractors in fire safety and technical risk analysis. This collaboration bolstered our capacity to tackle the project’s challenges and offer our client a suitable firefighting system.

The alternate system we designed:

  • Aligns with our client’s operational philosophy.
  • Operates without the need for manned intervention, a crucial requirement for this specific site.
  • Requires significantly lower CAPEX compared to alternative options.
  • Meets and surpasses regulatory standards.

Fyfe’s expertise extends beyond process infrastructure. Our flexibility and adaptability empower us to address unique challenges through innovative and efficient engineering solutions for our clients.

For inquiries on how Fyfe can add value to your project, please contact us today.