Navigating the skies: Aerial surveys and safety

Gaining access to and gathering geospatial data in some of Australia’s most remote regions is a challenging task.

Fyfe relies on Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) to get the detailed survey information our clients in industry need to carry out their work efficiently and safely. 

RPAS are becoming more common in Australia, playing a significant role in major infrastructure, renewables, and resource projects around the country.

The RPAS world is in a state of continuous development and advancement. With a growing dependency on RPAS operations, there is an increase in associated risks and consequently the required regulatory conformance. This is particularly true in remote and demanding regions where RPAS functions are really starting to take off (pun intended).

Ensuring safety and reliability

Fyfe prides itself on its safety focus and to demonstrate this commitment, Fyfe has successfully completed its initial Basic Aviation Risk Standard (BARS) accreditation. With a team of over 30 certified pilots, each experienced in navigating demanding and challenging environments, we are well equipped to ensure not only safe but also compliant delivery of outstanding outcomes for our clients.

BARS accreditation is the gold-standard for aviation risk management in industry and resources worldwide. As a BARS accredited operator, Fyfe has demonstrated a consistent safety protocol, one which minimises the risk of accidents and enhances the overall reliability of drone-based operations. 

While BARS accreditation is essential for specific projects, there are other scenarios where these gold standard practices can benefit even when the certification itself isn’t mandatory. This includes our work on:

  • Providing geospatial data for major infrastructure development
  • Gathering data efficiently and safely for mining projects
  • Assisting with environmentally sensitive investigations
  • Collecting data in culturally sensitive locations
  • Accessing hazardous locations reducing the need for physical human involvement

Aerial surveys, supported by BARS accreditation, are transforming operations across diverse sectors Australia-wide. As industry embraces the innovative approach RPAS offer, the integration of technology and safety standards promises a future of efficiency and reliability.

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