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Preserving cadastral integrity: A crucial role in Australia’s property landscape

Fyfe’s cadastral surveyors ensure the integrity of property boundaries and help uphold the principles of land ownership.

Cadastral surveyors at Fyfe have an essential job: accurately defining property boundaries across urban and rural perimeters. Their focus is re-establishing existing boundaries and creating new parcels through subdivision and titling. 

Fyfe’s cadastral surveyors are delivering positive outcomes on land development projects with the potential to yield more than 10,000 lots in SEQ alone over the next two decades. Our licenced cadastral surveyors are available across all major centres of Australia.

Australian property now worth more than 10 trillion

When we consider the value of property in Australia, which rose by $196.8 billion to $10.397 trillion in December Quarter 2023, the significance of cadastral surveying becomes obvious. 

In Queensland alone, registration of new lots peaked at 4995 lots per month in November 2022, with the cadastral sector accounting for around 45% of survey work in the state.

Beyond demarcating lines on maps, cadastral surveying has an impact on the value and certainty of land ownership. The reliability and repeatability of the Australian cadastre ensures confidence and economic stability in the property sector. 

Fyfe’s cadastral surveyors are industry experts. They deliver large-scale preliminary cadastral boundary and control surveys that provide short and long-term economic savings, and faster delivery and registration of titles.

Fyfe is trusted by many of Australia’s leading land development firms, and we’re currently helping clients deliver a long-term pipeline of new lots.

Our work in this sector is not only helping to alleviate the burden of the cost living crisis, but also supporting housing for growing populations. 

Quality cadastral surveying means assurance

Because there are such complex titling strategies to navigate (and a lot of Australia’s wealth is tied up in property), surveying work relating to boundary delineations, property transactions, and property subdivisions is best left to the cadastral experts.

Fyfe’s cadastral survey experts are on hand to help developers and commercial site owners settle boundary disputes, verify property descriptions, and ensure the integrity, reliability, and value of land ownership. 

To talk to a member of our team about your cadastral survey needs, please get in touch.