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Mark Dayman awarded APGA’s 2021 Outstanding Contribution to the Australian Pipeline Industry

Fyfe is delighted to share that Executive Chairman Mark Dayman has been recognised by the Australian Pipelines and Gas Association (APGA) and awarded the 2021 APGA Outstanding Contribution to the Australian Pipeline Industry Award.

Mark has made major and sustained contributions to the pipeline industry over 40 years, spearheading work opportunities for nearly 1,200 individuals over four decades. In Mark’s role as Executive Chairman of Fyfe, he continues one of his most notable contributions: that of encouraging others in the industry to achieve success.

Mark’s involvement in the pipeline industry began early having been involved with the Cooper Basin in 1975, a little more than 10 years after energy and resources exploration first commenced in that area. In the mid-1980s, Mark joined Fyfe as a survey drafter and undertook a number of other roles as he progressed through the company. In 1995, Mark’s industry knowledge proved invaluable when he became a key member of the tender team that introduced Fyfe to the pipeline industry in the Cooper Basin. Mark helped the company expand its sights further in 1996 by establishing Pipeline Engineering, a move that helped transform Fyfe from a survey company into the multidisciplinary consultancy it is today.

Pipeline Engineering initially commenced with just one part-time engineer but grew quickly. Through integrated services, the company helped transform the way field pipelines were designed. Since then, Fyfe has remained a dominant provider for both large and small onshore gathering systems.

In 1999, Mark assisted Fyfe’s expansion of services to include transmission pipelines, and built key relationships with pipeline owners, construction companies and other service providers.

Over the years, Mark has guided Fyfe through various acquisitions that have broadened Fyfe’s physical and service footprint in the pipeline and other industries. Fyfe now employs more than 300 people and has 14 offices nationwide.

Mark has served 37 years at Fyfe, was a key member of the APGA Board for 11 years and has dedicated significant amounts of both business and personal time to the benefit of the pipeline industry.

For Mark, one of the most enjoyable elements of his work is seeing others in the pipeline industry and on his team motivated to create their own success. As Clayton Warner, Fyfe’s GM for Energy and Resources Queensland puts it: “By mentoring and providing guidance and opportunities, Mark has always supported young people in the industry, and he often sees potential in others before they see it in themselves”.